A new revolutionary multi-use flow meter. Developed with the ISO 50001 and ISO 11011 in mind for energy management programs. Obtaining your saving levels becomes child’s play.
The VPFlowScope® in-line is your best choice when you need to move forward in creating better efficiency levels in your compressed air and technical gas systems. Now you have an instrument that provides you with flow, pressure and temperature measurement in one single device, for point of use applications.
Again, the VPFlowScope® in-line shows you when, where and how much you can save. The improvements of the VPFlowScope® in-line complete the product family and it is just as easily integratable as the VPFlowScope® probe.
Take that next step!
With the VPFlowScope® in-line, you are about to take the next step in compressed air energy management. Now you have a true energy meter for point of use. The combination of flow, pressure and temperature provides key data on the real air consumption, the efficiency of your distribution network and your savings potential. It provides all the data to make the right decisions every day and fits any energy management program focused on leakage control and cost allocation.

General applications
> Point of use measurement


> Cost allocation


> Sub metering of compressed air


> Ring networks (bi-directional)


> Leakage monitoring


> Aeration monitoring in water treatment plants


> General test and measurement applications


> OEM applications


> Technical gas mixing


> Measuring of welding gas, packaging gas


> Consumption metering of Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Helium or any other dry, non-corrosive and inert gas.