VP Instruments basınçlı hava ve endüstriyel gazlar için enerji yönetim sistemleri üretmektedir. Bunların yanı sıra hava ve gaz tüketimi ve tasarruf potansiyeli ile sektöre hizmet vermektedir. VP Instruments ölçme, debi basınçlı hava, azot ve teknik gaz maliyetlerini görselleştirmek üzere müşterilerine neden, nasıl ve ne kadar kayıp olacağını gösterir ve gerekli bilgiyi sağlar.

VPFlowScope dP Start Kit

Congratulations! You are looking at our VPFlowScope Start Kit which means you are close to getting your hands on one of the most sophisticated compressed air tools in the market. Let the savings begin!
Our Start Kit comes in a striking and rugged blue case and contains all you need to get started. You will get a VPFlowScope Start Kit, software and all cables required to connect it to your laptop.

Features included with a KIT model:
• VPFlowScope - VPS.R200.P4DP.D0 
• Three row LCD display with 2.000.000 data points data logger 

• Flow direction sensitivity > Rugged explorer case 
• Interface box JB5 with 5m/16,4 ft cable (M12 connector) + 12V power supply 
• RS485 to USB cable 
• Compression fitting with Teflon ferrule 
• Safety chain 
• Calibration report
• English user manual 
• VPStudio software

Options for a KIT model:
• VPFlowScope high pressure option up to 35 bar(a) | 500 psi VPA.0001.092
• Rugged explorer case for safe storage, includes pre-cut foam to match your
VPFlowScope sensor, display and cables VPA.5014.000
• 1 inch ball valve with 1”to ½”reducer for compression fitting VPA.0002.001